COVID-19 Remedial Course Update- Online Only

The Florida Board of Nursing has approved the Remedial Course to be delievered 100% online.

How do I know if I need to take this course?

The Florida Board of Nursing will direct you to a list of Approved Course Providers if you are required to complete a Remedial Course.

Licensure by Examination- Applicants who have failed the NCLEX three consecutive times can obtain a letter requiring remediation from the FL Board of Nursing. To obtain a letter, please email Applicants will be notified by the Licensure Unit of this requirement.

Licensure by Endorsement- Applicants who do not hold an active license, have not practiced in the past five years, and are applying for licensure by endorsement based on having previously passed the State Board Test Pool Examination (SBTPE) or the NCLEX, will require a letter of authorization to complete the clinical component of the remedial course. An authorization letter is not required to begin the theory component of the remedial course.

All other students who do not fall under this category may take the Remedial Course on a voluntary basis.


LPN/RN FL Board of Nursing Remedial Course

Due to COVID-19, the Remedial Course is being offered 100% online only per the FL Board of Nursing.

This is a self paced course. Students may enroll any time after course payment is received. 

To enroll into the Remedial Course prospective students must:

1. Review Course Overview , Costs and Admission Requirements

2. Have access to a computer, tablet or electronic device capable of connecting to the internet

3. Complete the Mandatory Entrance Assessment

4. Submit all Admission Requirements to the Admissions office via email or in person

5. Submit payment

Course Overview

The Nursing Remediation Course is designed to focus on patient care principles and the role for the Nurse in the healthcare setting. Upon successful completion, the student will be prepared for the RN/PN-NCLEX and demonstrate the clinical skills necessary to operate in the capacity of a Licensed Nurse in the State of Florida. Professional etiquette, ethics, morality and student enhancement for the Nurse professional are expected.  

Mode of Instruction- Effective March 23, 2020 Instruction is Online Only

Hybrid/Online- Self Paced : 6 -8 Weeks

Clinicals: Monday- Friday, 7a-7p. Mandatory-MUST BE IN PERSON

Test Taking Strategies; Face to Face,  Fridays (2)

Clinicals - Effective March 23, 2020 All Clinicals are Online Only

Option 1- Monday - Friday, 7a-7p, 1 week, Mandatory Attendance 

Option 2: 1 day per week for 5 weeks, 7a-7p. Mandatory Attendance

Course Credits

180 clock hours made up of Theory, Lab, and Externship hours-

80 Hours Theory Online

40 Hours Clinical Simulation

60 Hours Clinical Externship 

Course Costs

MANDATORY ASSESSMENT EXAM - $100.00 (non-refundable)

The entrance assessment will test students on both content and test taking abilities to better assist in course delivery. 


HYB-Remedial-  by Endorsement (Inactive-Active Licensure)-  $1500.00 

HYB-Remedial-  by NCLEX Examination (Must take NCLEX)  -   $2000.00 

Included- Test Taking Strategies- 2 days

F2F- Remedial  by Endorsement or NCLEX Examination       -   $3000.00

Course Payment Assistance

Course Payment Assistance may be available to those residing in Orange, Osceola, Lake or Seminole County through your local Career Source Center. Please advise  a specialist that you are in need of assistance with a "Refresher Course" for nursing.

 You may find more information:  Visit  to find a location near you or call 407-531-1222 or 1-800-757-4598   

Students are permitted to divide course cost into two payments. Students who chose this option must pay fifty percent of the course total cost to enroll and the balance due within 28 days. Students dropped from the course must re-enroll with full payment. No course credit will be given. This is a Non-Refundable Course. 

Course Content

This course is required for individuals who have been referred by the Florida Board of Nursing. Students will acquire all components of the nursing course including external clinical hours.

Remedial courses include lecture, simulation, clinicals, e-books, supplies, uniform, badge,  student insurance,  and Test Taking Strategies for NCLEX testers.

Course  Requirements- Effective March 23, 2020 Clinical Course Requirements are postponed.

Course Entrance Requireements- Remedial Entrance Assessment, Identification, Social Security Card, Enrollment Agreement.

Clinical Entrance Requirements-  Level II Background Screening, Negative Tuberculosis/PPD, Physical Examination, Titer-MMRV, Valid CPR- If expired cpr is offered for an additional fee.

All Clinical Requirements must be remitted a minimum of 2 weeks prior to external clinical rotations.

Clinical Dates

  • Clinicals are currently being offered via Virtual Clinical Simulations due to COVID-19. Virtual Clinicals have been approved by the Florida Board of Nursing to substitute  external clinical hours.